I have always had an eye and desire for quality. As a fashion designer I was fascinated from the outset with what is referred to as sober ‘class’, i.e. simple items that are truly beautiful because they are made of natural high quality materials such as pure wool, cashmere and linen.

My motto is: look for the crux of the matter, the essence.

Purity and quality will never deceive. I wanted to work along the same lines in my quest to find the essence of a healthy lifestyle. Health is my passion and nothing fascinates me more than the way in which a human being can achieve, or maintain, optimum health.

The information I have collated over the years has now developed into a databank of such value and proportions that it would be a pity not to share this information in one way or another with more people. I understand all too well that many people regard with suspicion yet another book that purports to finally reveal the secret of optimum health and fitness.
  After all, in recent years we have been swamped with these kinds of books that often contain highly conflicting recommendations. One year you are advised to eliminate all visible fat from your diet as the ultimate solution for optimum health. The next year a revolutionary new diet programme is based on a protein rich diet and just when you are ready to adopt this new eating habit, someone else will tell you that it is most important to find the correct balance between fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

In actual fact, I came across a lot of falsehoods in my quest for the truth. I was often extremely disappointed. Consumers are frequently taken for a ride by the so called ‘health food’ market.

Sometimes the health industry is just as merciless as the rest of industry; it is purely a matter of commerce. And the fact that it is health conscious consumers, the specific minority actively seeking healthy nutrition, who are being misled with cheap slogans and empty promises, makes it all the worse.